Thank you for visiting our on-line store. This will provide you with examples of the current range of pavers and pots and their prices. Since items are individually unique, although designed in various patterns, it is advisable to visit our garden and select your pavers. Payment can be made at collection and the payment methods could be Cash, Zapper, and Payfast where, Debit or Credit cards and EFT are accepted. Please contact Brigid on 0723488346 or Peter on 0824497994 to request a time for your individual visit. If you are unable to visit please contact us to make your order and confirm a delivery method.

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About us

Tunzini Gardens is the home of Peter and Brigid Turner and consists of a large South African Indigenous garden which provides evidence of their passion for indigenous plants, birds and wildlife. A recent addition to the indigenous garden design features is the inclusion of natural looking mosaic'd pavers and pots which are created on site. These provide stable steps and stepping stone paths with a difference and integrate seemlessly into the garden layout. 

Every paver is individually created although a number of basic patterns have been used to create a calming effect of continuity in the garden design. 

Visit our garden to see how the pavers can be integrated into your design. Landscapers welcome. Please phone 0723488346 for an appointment.  Times from 8.30 am to 3.00 pm daily.  


Tunzini Gardens in Forest Hills, Kloof near Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.  Includes The Bird Hide self catering accommodation.


43 Kloof View Rd, Forest Hills, Kloof, KZN. 3610 South Africa.

By appointment only 0723488346 or 0824497994